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We all love a good conspiracy theory, until it completely changes the way you view everything you ever loved in life. Especially things so sacred as childhood cartoons.

Oftentimes, the most bizarre theories have some truth to them if you really think about it. We’re not saying believe these theories but — stay woke.


Each SpongeBob SquarePants character represents one of the seven deadly sins. Patrick is sloth; Squidward is wrath; Mr. Krabs is greed; Plankton is envy (hence the green); Gary is gluttony; Sandy is pride(her love for Texas); and SpongeBob is lust.



Some say that Angelica imagined all of the  babies because she was lonely and had a neglectful, workaholic mother. Tommy was stillborn; Chuckie died in a car cash; and the DeVilles had an abortion. Allegedly.


Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus kids grew up to become the characters on Captain Planet.


Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold is actually about Helga. We know way more about her life than we do Arnold’s. Plus the name of the show is a direct quote from her — “Hey, Arnold!” She’s also the only character on the show with scenes delivering lengthy speeches.


Pinky And The Brain

Pinky was actually the smart one, not Brain. Each episode pretty much features Brain coming up with a plan to take over the world, and when Pinky tries to give legitimate input, Brain just brushes him off. Then everything goes wrong because Brain didn’t listen to Pinky.

In one episode, Brain goes on a game show and loses on a question that Pinky had the answer to. Later on in the show, we see that Pinky can read, and Brain can barely write his name.

Mind blown yet?

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