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Dre is still on the outs with his family, but that doesn’t stop him from looking out for Empire, and Cookie is still in recovery mode from her heart attack, but that’s not stopping her from still doing the most! Let’s get into tonight’s episode. We start with Cookie having breakfast with Lucious, Jamal and Hakeem, who are doting on her and making sure she eats the vegan food prepared by her personal chef. They get a gift in the middle of their breakfast and it’s a bouquet of flowers as an apology from Eddie. They seem cool about it, but we know it’s disingenuous because Eddie is trash.


If you’re wondering where Andre is in all of this, Lucious told him not to come to the breakfast. Cookie is not happy about this and reminds Lucious that everyone at the table wanted him dead at some point.

Dre still comes through later on, though. He presents Lucious with all the evidence from the research he did into Empire’s stocks and finances that someone, aka Eddie, has been attempting to move and shake numbers in some shady business dealings. Dre knows it’s Eddie, but Lucious tells him to prove it.

In between the main storyline, Cookie’s life in prison comes back to haunt her again. One of her girls from the bing, who recently got out, pays her a visit to catch up. Cookie learns that Poundcake, one of her main prison nemeses, is in hospice due to cancer. This has Cookie reliving a lot of painful moments from jail, especially situations with Pound Cake. This prompts Cookie to visit Pound Cake on her deathbed and as a result, embark on a mission to find Pound Cake’s long-lost daughter, who should be in college age by now.

Lucious and Dre end up doing some investigating and meet up with Celeste, Eddie’s ex-wife. They’re trying to get some information about Eddie and his new woman, but Celeste is pissed off at Lucious for even introducing Eddie to the woman while they were still married in the first place, so she’s definitely not dropping dimes.

However, they try again with Celeste a little later. This time they inform her that they know that Eddie told her he was going to make a major deal but that they shut the deal down. This prompts Celeste to spill some tea because not only did Eddie lied to her, but he also promised her the same deal that he promised his new wife. According to Celeste, it’s the “Same ol’ Eddie.”


Cookie pays Bo, the crooked cop who terrorized her (and raped Poundcake) in prison, a visit. This fool is married and pretending to be an upstanding citizen. He’s also acting as if none of his evil acts ever happened to put on a front for his wife. Cookie cuts the small talk and starts talking real grimy. She mentions that Bo loved Poundcake. Bo’s wife is just looking like…


Bo sends his wife to the kitchen real quick to get some refreshments so he can talk to Cookie privately and reveal his true evil self. Cookie demands to know where the baby went. Bo puts up resistance at first and even threatens to shoot her, but Cookie has connections now too, including one with the governor, so she puts Bo in check. It would be a shame if his dirty behavior got put on blast!


That’s enough for Bo to gives her some adoption information and Cookie gets down to business, with Thirsty’s help, of course. But just before Cookie leaves, she informs Bo’s wife that her husband is an abusive rapist and you get the feeling she already knows and is delusional about it by the way she’s silently staring at her husband, stuck on stupid.


Andre and Lucious are back together, discussing business affairs and firing Eddie. It seems like Lucious believes what Dre has been trying to tell him all along, but then they have a real heart to heart about their personal lives. Lucious asks Dre what he did to him to make him want to kill him, and Dre says that the moment he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder changed everything between them because Lucious began treating him like crap. You know Lucious’ love is always conditional, but post accident Lucious seems to be seeing how crappy that philosophy is. This might be the moment they can move forward, for real for real.

The episode concludes with Lucious and Cookie having a heart to heart. Cookie tells him that she doesn’t want to share what’s his (meaning Empire). She wants them to build together and be equal business partners. Lucious is on board because, anything for Cookie, they kiss passionately and that’s a wrap.

No word on Pound Cake’s baby yet, but we’ll get there eventually.


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