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The two Black  men who were wrongfully arrested at Starbucks, put in handcuffs and spent eight hours in jail have finally spoken out. Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, both 23, said in an interview with Good Morning America that the cops never told them what they were being arrested for, Donte explained, “We wasn’t read any rights, nothing. Just double-locked handcuffs behind our back, escorted out and put into a squad car.”

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Last week,  the city’s Black Police Commissioner Richard Ross babbled in a Facebook post that  officers “did absolutely nothing wrong,” and claimed Nelson and Robinson were disrespectful. Of course, no eyewitnesses said Donte and Rashon were disrespectful nor was that on video. The officers clearly handled this the wrong way and are possibly lying on the young men, but Richard stood by his officers — now he is apologizing.

A few hours ago, Ross said, “I just think that as we work to make this city safer and better we do have to acknowledge that there are still things that we need to work on. It starts at the top and that starts with me. Messaging is important and I failed miserably in this regard.” He also added, “I fully acknowledge that I played a significant role in making worse.” Watch below:

Too little, too late and complete BS.

It is a shocking that a 54-year-old man vented on Facebook Live rather than waiting for facts. Not only should have apologized but so should all of the officers involved. We can only hope Donte and Rashon will receive millions from Starbucks and the Philadelphia police department. Discrimination should cost you.

Twitter is clearly not here for has delayed apology. See some of the reactions below.


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