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A head shot of a Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) with its beak open and its tongue sticking out.

Source: Sandra Standbridge / Getty

One tough billed warrior goose put the fear of God in a golf player they thought was threatening their family.

The whole incident happened in Michigan at Wolf Creek Golf Course in the middle of a high school tournament. Isaac Couling of Concord High School was walking with his peers down a fairway where a goose was sitting on an egg in a nest nearby. According to ABC News, a sign warned that geese were close-by and the golfers thought they were keeping their distance.

However, what they didn’t know was that one stealthy killa was creeping up behind them making sure they didn’t get close to the fam.

The goose attacked the four golfers and Isaac in particular got the worst of the animal’s fury.

Devon Gilson-Pitts, whose husband is an assistant golf coach for Blissfield High School, thought it was the perfect time to pull out her camera and take pics.

Here’s a close-up if you need it.



Eventually, once she put her camera down, Devon drove a golf cart with her husband in between the golfer and the goose so it would flee.

She told ABC News it took four carts to get the feathered killa away.

“At no point in my life I ever thought golf would be fun or exciting till yesterday,” Devon wrote on Facebook. “We have a great group of kids on the golf team and had some excitement on the course yesterday.”

Well it’s goods to know Devon had a blast.

Meanwhile, poor Isaac is probably traumatized.

Leave it to your rival school to make fun of your pain. Blissfield Athletics probably didn’t think twice when they posted the pictures on Twitter.

When one user asked if Isaac was okay, Blissfield responded, “Just his pride was hurt.”


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