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Fox TV Show Ad Refers To Octavia Spencer As A “Scary B*tch” 


Does Octavia Spencer scare you?

Once again, people are continuing to try the hell out of it when it comes to referring to Black women…and we can’t deal! Days after the New York Times took heat for that Shonda Rhimes “Angry Black Woman” profile piece (and then apologized, because they always apologize after the fact) Fox has come under fire for running ads for their new drama “The Red Band Society” ads that ran the words “scary b*tch” next to Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer’s photo.

After the public expressed outrage, the Metro Los Angeles tweeted that they are pulling the controversial ad from 190 Metro buses. “Metro Board Exec Comte getting earful from community over allowing ‘Red Band Society’ ad on buses. Metro officials say ad is being pulled.”

A spokeswoman for FOX said, “Metro Los Angeles ultimately decided to take down the ads, and we respect that decision.” “We sincerely apologize if the copy was offensive to viewers,” she added.

It seems as though white media is out to uphold certain stereotypes about Black women…or using the Black community as pawns to build chatter around their shows. This can’t be real..or is it?

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