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28-year-old Jalil Frazier was shot and paralyzed in January while protecting three kids from an armed robber in a Philadelphia barber shop.

After waking from a coma to find he was partially-paralyzed, Frazier returned home last month with his wife and two sons.

Despite being hailed as a local hero, the family can’t afford a wheelchair ramp for Frazier.

According to, Frazier “doesn’t have a ramp to get in and out of the Olney home he was finally able to return to last month. Or a chair lift to get up the stairs and into his own bed without scooting and risking more injuries. There are five steps between their porch and the sidewalk in front of their narrow street, five steep steps between him and the independence he craves when he’s lying on that bed, stuck in his thoughts.”

You can donate through this GoFundMe page or by emailing the couple at

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