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Today for Melissa’s “Working Mom Wednesdays” we have something for the new moms or even the grandma’s helping out with the new baby.

You know you can find just about everything in an app and have it right at your fingertips. Today I found 12 great apps for New Moms, that you can download today.

1.   BABY TRACKER – Let’s you and your caregiver log diaper changes, feeds, sleep patterns, growth history, medical records and more.

2.   GLOW BABY NEWBORN TRACKER: Combination of baby tracker and baby book. Allows you to also log milestones, like first steps, first tooth etc…

3.   WONDER WEEKS: Allows tracking of major developmental changes – “mental leaps”

4.   MILK MAID: Designed for pumping moms. Keeps an inventory of fresh and frozen milk and organizes it by date so you will never waste a bottle .

5.   WHITE NOISE BABY: Some babies fall asleep or calm with certain “white noises” – whether it being the vacuum or dryer, etc… You’ll find it here.

6.   BABY MONITOR 3G: Turn your smartphone into a portable baby monitor and save money on those pricey video monitor systems

7.   TINYBEANS: a digital baby album and journal for the modern mom and grandmom. Record baby milestones, photos, videos, height, weight etc…

8.   PACKPOINT: time to go with baby… what to pack? You’ll get a comprehensive packing template.

9.   MOMIEGO: mom’s can find friends who are available to meet in the park, or coversate about similar subjects with their babies.

10.   OH BABY! MOM AND BABY EXERCISE: looking for some postnatal exercises you can do with your baby.. you’ll want to check this one out.

11.   GRUBHUB: with so much time dedicated to new baby… dinner is not always easy to make happen. This is a restaurant delivery app.

12.   AMAZON: Leaving the home with the kids is not always an easy task… need more diapers, wipes or milk? Check out the discounts or item and get them delivered.

Source: Momtastic.com

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