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IHOP International Pancake Day

Source: Radio One Staff / Radio One Houston

IHOP is out here messing up all that is good and pure in the world with a name switch for the ages.

The breakfast chain announced on Tuesday that they will be changing their name from IHOP to IHOb…


And they won’t reveal the meaning behind the “b” until Monday, June 11th…


So of course, people can’t deal.

Aside from the blasphemous sound of the new name (really…try using IHOb in a sentence right now and tell me you’re not offended), many people are losing their minds over what the “b” means.

Where before, it was International House of Pancakes, now it’s…

International house of bounce?


International house of biker jackets?


Of course, IHOP came up with the most obvious options…

The suspense is TEW MUCH.

Either way, the Internet didn’t seem to be too happy with the name change. Swipe through to peep some of the hilarious commentary!

R.I.P. IHOP…The New IHOb Name Has People Confused & Disturbed  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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