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iPhone 4 Exploded In Chongqing

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An iPhone accident can seem as tragic as a car crash these days.

That’s why engineering student, Philip Frenzel invented a “mobile airbag,” and his design is going viral.

High Snobiety’s review of the design reads:

Frenzel’s design begins with a thin protective case, outfitted with sensors that detect the free fall of a phone. Once airborne, metal springs deploy to cushion the fall. You can then push the attachments back into the case and reuse when necessary.

The gadget won Germany’s Mechatronics Prize for 2018.

The Aalen University student will launch a Kickstarter for the project in July to secure funding.

Amazon and Apple reportedly secured similar patents back in the day, but that may not stop Frenzel’s product from spreading around the world.

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