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Encounters between police and Black women often are underreported, but a recent incident in Los Angeles had rallied people of color into a frenzy. An African-American woman was arrested and held at gunpoint by Los Angeles officers who said that she had been named in a violent kidnapping and ransom plot.

Initially, the arrest, caught on video, had sparked outrage when the clip went viral Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported. The incident was described as another example of police using excessive force against unarmed people of color especially in light of the LAPD’s turbulent history of brutality. Los Angles officers are seen with aimed guns at the woman, identified as Amber Neal, 25, who has her hands in the air in the clip. The witness, who filmed the incident, can be heard having questioned the cops’ extensive show of force in the video, which had more than 1 million views on Twitter.

Police and prosecutors have revealed the reason for Neal’s arrest. She was named as the subject of a felony kidnapping warrant, Officer Mike Lopez, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said. The woman, along with two other people Keith Andre Stewart and Johntae Jones, was said to have been involved in a plot to kidnap and extort an actor and actress in Compton last May, court records showed. Neal was being held on $1 million bail, police said.

The reaction of the video clearly indicates that there are deeper conversations to be had about police encounters in Black communities and cops’ use of large-scale force in regard to people of color. There are many Black women who have died in encounters and whose names are never widely known.


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