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While many of us were enjoying our summer bar-b-ques and lounging by the pool this past weekend, 23-year old Shayne Holland was being harassed for sitting by the pool at his own residency, the River Crossing At Keystone Apartments and he filmed the encounter on his phone and posted it on his Twitter page for all to see.

In the video below, Holland can be seen and heard arguing with two older white females, one who appears to be an officer and another who works for the River Crossing At Keystone Apartments. According to his caption and video clip, he was simply enjoying the pool, when he was asked to identify himself and proved that he lived there. Once he confirmed that he lived there and showed his key as proof of residency, he was continuously harassed and still asked to leave the pool area.

On Monday evening, Holland called into Hot 96.3 to speak with B-Swift and break down the entire ordeal.

According to Holland, this happen on Friday, when he stopped by the pool at his residency after his workout.

“It was Friday, I had just left the gym in my neighborhood and to walk to my crib from the gym there is a trail around the lake and through that lake you pass the pool… so I decide to kick it at the pool and cool off.” Holland said. “So I get to the pool and I got my key to get in, because you use the same the key to get into the athletic center as you use to get in the pool, so i get in with my key.”

Holland says 30 minutes later, he was approached by a female officer who was dressed in all-black clothing, sunglasses with a badge on her hip and asked “does he live here?” and “what is his address?”

He goes on to say that he told the female officer that he lived there and procedded to show her his key to her to prove that he is a resident instead of just giving a stranger his information because the female officer did not identify herself or show him proper credentials before questioning him. In fact, he goes on to say that he asked her for more information, so that he could have her proper credentials before giving up his personal address but she did not provide any answers or credentials.

“I felt like she thought that I was asking to many questions.” Holland said.

“I need more information.” Holland continued later. “I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I’m just asking for you to look from my perspective and I don’t think anyone was looking for my perspective and that’s all I wanted.”

From there, the situation further escalated, when a River Crossing At Keystone Apartments female employees comes outside.

Based on the video above, she seems to know who Holland is because she can be seen and heard in the video calling him by his first name, even telling him that she has his mother’s purse in their leasing office because she accidentally left it there the day before.

However, instead of confirming Holland’s residency to the female officer, she continues to have a back and forth conversation with Holland where he is eventually asked to leave the pool area and she can be heard saying in the video that “there is a sign that says I can ask for anybody to leave at anytime,” referring to the pool area.

“I don’t feel like I was treated like a citizen… like I didn’t belong there which is crazy because I had just paid my rent that day.. and I can’t even go to the pool.” Holland told B-Swift on Monday.

Keep in mind that Shane’s rent is $1,642 a month.

Plus if that’s not enough, Holland said he ran into the same situation again the next day when he and three of his female friends decided to visit the pool for a day of tanning and relaxation but this time he was approached by a male officer and once again asked to identify himself, provide proof of residence.

Since those incidents, his name and his mother’s name have been put on the ban list for the pool.

“I still feel at the end of the day that it was racial discrimination.” Holland stated. “Nobody apologized, they didn’t even apologize for me not being able to get back in the pool…Nobody on any end [has] said sorry to me.”

Listen Holland’s full interview with Swift on the video player below:

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