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The wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is at it again, spreading lies and conspiracies about Black people.

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Ginni Thomas shared a social media post on Saturday that suggested a wave of African-Americans were abandoning the Democratic Party. It showed a Black man who was supposedly a former party members. However, the propaganda ad used a stock photo of a model, the New York Post reported.

“My wife and I both work full time and still cannot afford to send our own kids to college,” the ad stated.

Another ad posted July 16 on Ginni Thomas’ Facebook page showed a Black woman who “walked away from the Democrats.” That also turned out to be false testimonial that used a stock photo of a model. Thomas also wrote a thank-you message in the post to the #WalkAway movement, which appears to actually be a non-movement.

Ginni Thomas, a lawyer and longtime conservative activist, has shared posts from the Citizen Mandate Facebook page multiple times to help disseminate fake news and conspiracy theories. Recently, she has stepped up attacks on perceived political enemies, according to Slate.

She fired a shot at President Barack Obama in February. The post showed a picture of the former president talking to Hillary Clinton. “No one would have known we wire-tapped Trump if you would have just won the election we rigged for you,” the text said.

That’s a reference to President Donald Trump’s false claim that his predecessor ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign, which Trump’s own Department of Justice dismissed as nonsense.

Her attacks on Black people are not limited to sharing social media posts. As the host of a conservative talk show for the Daily Caller, she interviewed Black conservative radio personality Jesse Lee Peterson in 2016 and asked him to identify “race hustlers,” Right Wing Watch reported.

“Who are the race hustlers?” Thomas asked. “Who’s in the business of keeping Blacks angry?” They settled on a list of Black agitators that included the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus and Black Lives Matter.


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