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Tia Mowry strives to be as authentic and true to herself as possible. The beloved actress, producer, author and Life Touch ambassador gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on May 5th and documented, on social media, her weight loss journey. Tia struggled with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, which made it harder for her to “snap back” like other celebrity women. Well aware of the societal pressures women face after giving birth, she made a conscious decision to take her time getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight and set an example for other women.

“I am all about inspiring and being my true authentic self. With vulnerability, comes healing. And not only am I speaking to other women, I’m also encouraging myself,” she said in a candid chat. “As a celebrity, I do feel pressure to snapback so quickly because that’s what society seems to glorify and admire when that’s not reality. By me just being authentic and saying ‘You now what, that’s not real.’ That’s relatable.”

At two weeks postpartum, Tia revealed her post-pregnancy body while simultaneously shedding light on the false expectations society places on a woman after giving birth. The post received over 500K likes and countless comments from women grateful for her honestly.

“I’m not going to break my back doing something that is not natural and that’s not real,” she added. 

Having a solid support system helped Tia in her darkest times. “My husband is constantly loving on me and reminding me and telling me ‘Tia, your new body is beautiful. You just housed a human being. You just bought a new human being into this world. That’s something to celebrated and enjoy this process.’


Motherhood requires patience and selflessness that doesn’t lend itself to achieving a snap back body.

“If you’re trying to get back into that whole snap back, let’s be honest, that means you are spending loads of time at the gym. I’m breastfeeding so I have to eat a certain amount of calories a day. It’s about adhering to my baby and being there for her. I wanted to be that example. I wanted to let women know that it’s OK, you don’t have to suffer in silence. You don’t have to look down on yourself. If anything, you need to be celebrated.”

More celebrity women have begun to share their experiences with pregnancy. Beyonce recently revealed she underwent a c-section when giving birth to Sir and Rumi. Tia, a bonafied Beyonce fan, could relate and says she felt connected to the megastar in their shared experience.

“I cried when I read that article because it’s so nice to see women share their authentic stories and share their struggles too. When you do, you inspire other people and you make them feel like they’re not alone.” Tia opened up about her bout with gestational diabetes and received an overwhelming response from women who also went through it.

“People put stigmas on celebrities and think we’re all perfect. That’s what’s glorified, the red carpet the makeup. Everything is so perfect and that’s not real and that’s not life.”

Tia, who is the ambassador for Life Touch, also talked about her childhood and how her mother created early memories for her and her sister. Some of her fondest memories were around picture day when her mom would go above and beyond to make their days special.

“One thing she would do was, she would lay out everything the day before and make sure everything fit appropriately,” she explained. “One of the things I really remember is how she would put our hair in these ponytails that had little balls in them. She would put our hair in plats. She would put ribbons in our hair. It was definitely a special day and whenever we go over our mom’s house, she has this cabinet, from her kids throughout the years, and everything is organized from how old we were to certain events. I’m always diving in those photos. I’m so grateful because I can have these photos to look back. It brings back so many wonderful memories.”

Tia continues to use her platform to empower and encourage other women.


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