Ms. Hill on auditioning band members:

“I have come across the occasional musician who thinks they already know what I want, feelings and egos can be easily bruised when you tell them they actually don’t. I am never trying to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings btw, but when people insist that they know you and don’t, you may have to be equally as firm to demonstrate otherwise.”

“Auditioning, btw, may have nothing to do with how good a musician is. If a musician isn’t accomplished, he or she wouldn’t have been called. An audition or meeting could be about whether we vibe well, whether they understood my particular musical vernacular or direction at the time.”

Take it. 

I’d imagine creating for any artist is a vulnerable and specific process. I completely understand “auditioning” folks to work with, even if they have a legacy behind them like Robert Glasper. Does it have to be a formal thing like Ms. Hill might’ve done it? Nope. It could be a jam session, a meet-up at a bar, etc. But, I definitely understand being specific about what you want and wanting people to match up with it.

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