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Former First Lady , Michelle Obama expresses her concern to the people. Speaking with a heavy heart, she encourages those at the rally to get out and vote for all elections. Continuing, she acknowledges the elections of state legislatures being the first priority.

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First Lady , Michelle Obama has never held her tongue about being active at the polls. She refers to the latest political activity as “nastiness”. She list the excuses people are making to not vote,  “think voting won’t make a difference” or ” the system is rigged, why bother”. She relates to the frustration, but points out, “democracy continues, with our without you”.

Some have the idea, that “it doesn’t matter if I vote”, but how can that be if you never know. Same reason Barack Obama was able to win two elections. Understanding voting, based off the past election, popular vote matters but not enough to out do those that voted where the electoral college system makes a difference.

Understanding the electoral college:

What Is It?

The Electoral College is an indirect system for electing the United States president using Electoral College votes. Votes are cast by each state, using a slate of electors. The electors are representatives of each state and members of the Electoral College.

How Does  It Work?

The Electoral College is made up of 538 electors who cast votes to decide the President and Vice-President of the United States. When voters go to the polls they will be choosing which candidate receives their state’s electors.


Michelle Obama Says She Is Sick Of The Nastiness In Politics {Video}  was originally published on foxync.com