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Earlier this week, Drake threw a 2000’s themed party, which only means one thing — Millennials, we’re getting old outchea.

The OVO rapper went all out for his nostalgic party, which included a Rap City freestyle booth and even a Blockbuster Video backdrop. All the guest showed in their best Velour track suit or Von Dutch crop top, fully equipped with tinted colored glasses and obnoxious two-way pagers. Drake was ready to risk it all in his ensemble ode to Fabolous and kept it gully in his track suit with one pant leg raised and the super 2000’s Durag with the Nike sweatband around it.




Everybody and their millennial mama was there dressed in their two-decade old best. And what’s a 2000’s party without some Nate Dogg blasting on the speakers, VHS tapes randomly placed around and a two-way pager for a birthday cake.

It doesn’t feel like the early 2000’s was a decade (and more ago), until you realize that most of the kids on social media have no clue about anything that took place before 2010. News recently broke that a University had to cancel an Ashanti show because only 24 tickets were sold.

If you were to tell someone in 2003 that Ashanti would have trouble selling out a show, it would be blasphemous. One fan tweeted, “Considering Ashanti was at her prime when I was a teen, it’s not surprising to me she would have trouble selling tickets at a university. Those students are from a different generation that came of age in the late 2000s.Her contribution to music is clear, but put it in context.”

Remember when folks were making up hilarious historical facts about the 1600’s? Now it’s time to travel 400 later and revisit a time when everyone was just to cool for school and didn’t know how to act in a new millennium : the glossy, flossy 2000s.

A while back, everyone put their best Y2K foot forward with the #TweetLike2000s tweets.

So in honor of beloved decade and Drake putting it back on our radar, take a look back at some of the funniest tweets that will definitely have you missing the 00’s.

TBT to Y2K: These Relatable Tweets Will Totally Have You Missing The 2000’s  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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