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Raleigh Police

Source: @victoriasaidit / Victoria- Raleigh

Thursday a number of emails were sent out to several media organizations and government buildings, nationwide.

Bank Of America located on Fayetteville Street’s City Plaza, was evacuated at 1:30 pm. The employees were able to enter after 90 minutes.


Publisher of The News And Observer, Sara Glines stated the threat was sent in a group email.

She addressed the fact that the email didn’t establish a specific target, it was best practice to alert the authorities. Glines says, “We contacted Raleigh police immediately, evacuated our offices and had the police department sweep our offices. Nothing was found. We are grateful for the Raleigh Police Department’s quick response. ”

WRAL News was able to get a copy of the email. The writer states “an explosive device was carried into each business.” The email expresses $20,000 will be the only way the bomb won’t go off, calling it “the price for your safety.”

The FBI is aware of the threats, and ask that people “promptly  report suspicious activities”.


Raleigh Bomb Threats Sent Via Email  was originally published on foxync.com