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Kevin Hart has been in hot water after homophobic tweets resurfaced of the comedian using slurs against gay people.According to the comedian he’s apologized about his past posts but the academy wasn’t feeling it.  Kevin Hart took to social media to say he wouldn’t be hosting the 91st Academy awards.

Here’s Kevin’s video explaining the situation:

People’s reaction’s on social media has varied as far as Kevin’s ultimately dropping out. Well the Oscars stood by their decision to move on without the “Night School” comedian.

Well Kevin’s out but who’s in? That’s the question of the hour because the Oscar’s are having a hard time finding a new host. According to TMZ the job only pays around $15,000, which considering that most of the hosts make more than that with their normal careers it seems like a low number.  The Academy looks at the gig as a “opportunity of a lifetime,” which is typically why they don’t a high dollar for the host of the Oscars.

With the controversy behind Kevin Hart, plus the little pay…The Academy is struggling to Find a new host for the occasion. No one’s biting to follow up all the drama.

If you’d like to hear more about this story, listen to Leah’s Lemonade above.

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