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Stop the presses, word is that bombshell Halle is back on the market yet again. This may be sad news for her, but a lot of eligible bachelors are probably bursting in uproar as we speak. TMZ.com is reporting that Halle Berry and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have apparently ended their relationship.

The model and actress have reached a temporary custody arrangement for their two-year-old daughter Nahla. Although the couple has not been to a lawyer to formalize a custody arrangement or a property settlement agreement, the two are clearly separated. A secret source tells TMZ that Halle has been going through private anguish because she and Gabriel have “clearly been having problems” for a while now.

“We are told by sources close to the situation that Halle and Gabriel are ‘working well together’ and are handling parental duties without conflict,” TMZ reported. “We are told the long-term plan is to share custody but nothing has been formalized in writing.” Currently, the two have a “very short-term custody arrangement,” TMZ reports. “They have renewed them each time they have expired and are still working under a short-term agreement but no permanent agreement has been struck.” How can such a beautiful woman have so many issues holding down a man? What do you think is the source for Halle’s unlucky hardships with men?