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Fatimah Salleh shared a lengthy post on Facebook that described her son’s experience in In School Suspension at Durham’s School Of The Arts. The post has gone viral and garnered local television and newspaper coverage.

Salleh said that her son was assigned to ISS after horsing around in the school’s cafeteria. She hoped to shoot down his assessments of dismal conditions in ISS by attending with him. What she discovered was that the actual ISS experience was much worse than her son described. Salleh also shared her concerns that students were barely given assignments to complete while in ISS. She shared that out of seven classes, her son only received assignments from three teachers.

Salleh also pointed out that the majority of the students in ISS were boys of color, although girls far outweigh the number of boys in the school.

In her post, Salleh states, ” DSA demographics of its student population show that young girls outnumber young boys in the school yet not in ISS, boys significantly outnumber the girls at almost 4 to 1. DSA Demographics also show that 31.2% of the student population of DSA is African American, yet today they comprise 81% of the students in ISS.”





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