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Will Smith is going all out and taking it to the extreme by getting up close and personal with some sharks for personal spiritual growth.

Will Smith’s Bucket List is a series on Facebook Watch, and Will is facing a lot of his fears and trying wild new experiences. In one of his new series his thrilling new experience included swimming with sharks without a cage.

In an exclusive first-look at the series’ upcoming new episode posted on Facebook Watch, Smith seems to feel a bit of fear about getting in the water with the scary sea beasts as he sits on a boat and puts on his diving gear.

“We’re at the Bahamas, and I’m about to do my bucket list — diving with sharks!” Smith says. Will Smith sounded excited but also a little worried.

“When I came up with this bucket list idea in my mind I was in a cage. I wasn’t like diving free wide open with the sharks,” said Smith, who added with a shrug, “But, W.T.F.?!”

Will’s thrilling new series follows him as he takes on new challenges, life experiences and stunts to face his fears and learn new things about himself.

Smith went on Facebook and announced the project last month, and he kicked off the six-part series last week with a sky diving adventure he undertook to celebrate his 50th birthday last year.

The shark-packed episode of Will Smith’s Bucket List drops Wednesday at 9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.

Below is the Facebook link to a short look at Will’s swim with sharks: