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#JessHilarious or JessScary? Either way, she managed to get four men boarding an airplane wearing head wraps kicked off because she feared for her own safety. Jessica Moore, is known for celebrity gossip on Instagram and starring in a hit TV show Rel, as an actress. During her recent travels, she tweeted about feeling uncomfortable with the four Sikh men on the same plane as her. She then posted an Instagram video, mocking one of the men and gasping as if she’s terrified.

The video surfaced the entire internet and #JessHilarious is receiving a ton of backlash. The social community quickly deemed Jessica ignorant because she couldn’t tell the difference between Muslim and Sikh men in her tweets. Although she sided with the social community, she made it clear that she can care less about what anyone has to think.

Recently, there has been a mass shooting in New Zealand at at mosques killing 49 people and injuring 20 more people. With this incident still being national news, you would think someone like Jessica would have some respect for what has taken place. Instead , she made another video explaining how the men were no longer on the flight and that they boarded the same plane as before.

This is not the first time #JessWithTheMess received backlash for talking recklessly. She made a statement about the #BlackDollarsMatter movement and how all money is green. We saw #JessHilarious post a heartfelt apology to anyone she offended. But is it too late?