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Jordan Peele

Source: Xilla Valentine / GlobalGrind

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ was box office GOLD over the weekend. It made $70.3 million dollars for its opening weekend and the budget for the movie was only $20 million. That’s great!

Peele has released some spoilers about the Easter eggs in the movie that you might have missed. Peele told Essence magazine when asked, that they were “right” to believe that the film also tackles the prison industrial system. It’s a theme Peele has been grappling with since Get Out. He said, “This movie is about all that we tuck down into the recesses of our society and fail to acknowledge; all of those that suffer on the other side of the privileges we have,” Peele began. “In many ways, as you know from Get Out, I feel that that applies to the prison industrial system.” Did you realize that?

There are more spoilers in the Essence article. Click here to confirm your theories or just get spoilers, but either way, we need to support him! Go Jordan!