Kodak Black in Ccourt

Sun Sentinel

#KodakBlack is on the road to being the new king troll because he is not holding back!! Amid his last comments about actress #LaurenLondon regarding her being a “widow” and single now that her late boyfriend #NipseyHussle has passed. The social community did not take these comments well. #Kodak said “Lauren London, that baby, though. She about to be out here single. I’ll be the best man I can be for her. I’ll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying”.

Rapper #TI took to social media to confront the rapper about his comments and how they were inappropriate. We remember #LaurenLondon and #TI being in the movie #ATL together. Also, #TheGame and #Tank sided with the public to express how disrespectful #Kodak was being.

We remember his most recent comments about rapper #YoungMA and his interests in her. Some felt his comments were offensive and a bit aggressive. Not to mention, Kodak is still awaiting trial for an alleged rape case that he may have to face time in prison for. We hope this all unfolds in his favor and everyone can get along.


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