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It’s no secret that #RussellWilson is an all around classic man. But this classic man just secured the biggest bag of 2019 thus far! Seahawks fans will not have to worry, their lovely quarterback #Wilson is here to stay.

#Russell took to #Twitter to announce this huge accomplishment that his team had reached a contract extension on his behalf. The deal includes a four year contract for $140,000,000.00 plus a sign on bonus of $65,000,000.00. That’s a big deal! The NFL player that was making the most money was Aaron Rodgers, from last August he made $35,000,000.00.

They even included a no-trade clause and a guaranteed $107 million since the contract ends in 2023 according to the NFL Network. #RussellWilson is also the husband of artist #Ciara. We are looking forward to much success for the Wilson family.