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G-Herbo mugshot


Rapper #Gherbo has had it out with his child’s mother #ArianaFletcher since their break-up years ago. The two take to social media to discuss their issues and this time was no different. The rapper was arrested for assaulting #Ari , but was later released. He wasted no time to take to social media to clear his name, and also explain how #Ari stole his jewelry.

“You told me to come to Atlanta to get my jewelry back, you lame a*** b****. Why you trying to make it like I care about you or your relationship? Or anything you do? I don’t give a f*** about you and you know it. I love you because you’re my sons mom, but I don’t care about you. I’m with my girl and I’m gonna be with her for a long time” says the rapper on Instagram live.

The Instagram video was a bit choppy due to people constantly calling #Gherbo ‘s phone, according to sources. He then went on to say “I know after this live, I really ain’t finna get my s***, so I’m finna just do the insurance sh** and get your a*** locked up cause she robbed me basically. B**** you robbed me for my jewelry when we broke cause you were mad”. Fans have been a witness of the toxic relationship since the break up.

We hope all works out for the family of #Gherbo and #ArianaFletcher . We would love to see this situation turn around and unfold in their son’s favor.