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There has been a lot of discussion via social media about the disrespect that Howard University students feel from some of the surrounding residents. Complaints of people using the campus as a dog park or picnic area by those who don’t attend the University or understand the importance of it. Shocking right? But this is unfortunately true. Fox5 was live on campus and spoke to some of the students and residents.

“They’re in part of D.C. So they have to work within DC. If they don’t want to be in DC,

then move the campus.”

So People were outraged by this mans comments and even more disgusted by his disregard for Howard’s history and importance to our community. Many are saying this would never happen at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution) like Georgetown or American University, why should this Historically Black University be moved?!

Below are of the responses via @angieangeam social media.

So where do we go from here? How do we establish the boundaries? The conversation on gentrification is continuing but let’s all remember the dogs have nothing to do with this.

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