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Tonight’s episode Real Housewives of Atlanta is the final installment of the season 11 reunion, thankfully. It dragged on so long that it seemed like the entire season was the reunion. Anyway, tonight’s episode starts with Porsha calling NeNe out for giving her advice about not putting hands on people but turning around and putting her hands on people. So, you remember the closet incident, right? Turns out, NeNe (allegedly) choked one of the producers, who then had to go to the hospital and chipped a cameraman’s tooth. That was in addition to charging at Kandi and Porsha too. Andy then asks NeNe if she felt bad for putting her hands on people because he’s messy, but of course, NeNe said she doesn’t feel bad. 

Marlo is egging NeNe on but she gets called out because when that incident happened, you could hear her yelling, “She’s pregnant!” She was talking about Porsha because NeNe charged her at her and managed to pull her belt off. On stage, Marlo claims she doesn’t even remember saying that and that she didn’t see NeNe even touch Porsha. NeNe also plays dumb and says she wasn’t even near Porsha. 

It was weird. Marlo was NeNe’s hypeman the entire night, but NeNe likes her friends sycophantic so…

The entire reunion was pretty much Tanya, Cynthia, Porsha, Kandi and at times, Eva, that NeNe can be foul. They did this last week, and the week after that and guess what, NeNe pretends she doesn’t care and tries to turn this into what she usually does by saying that all the girls on the show love going against her because she’s the Queen Bee. 

Eva gets her moment to call out NeNe for pretending that her mic was off in order to talk to her that time Eva left their outing to go home because she was tired of them grilling her. NeNe doesn’t think she was wrong in that situation either. Eva explains that she was hurt because she had to learn that NeNe lied to her on TV. Again, NeNe doesn’t care. Then we move on to Eva talking about her domestic violence situation with her ex playing a major role in why he had to move so much. And Marlo chimes in talking about Eva isn’t genuine—as if anyone asked her.

In other news, Cynthia’s love life is flourishing. We know she’s planning to marry Mike, which is a big deal because she is pretty much the runaway bride. But her friendship with NeNe is done, once again. This time they fell out over Kenya coming to Cynthia’s party. Basically, Cynthia looked shady because she and Kandi said they were going to pretend they didn’t know Kenya was coming but tonight we learn that the editing played a role in how it looked. According to Kandi, Kenya told her last minute, as in right before she was entering the party, that Kenya was coming. Kandi then passed the word on to Cynthia so that’s when Cynthia said she was just going to pretend she didn’t know Kenya was coming because she didn’t want any drama with NeNe. Kandi and Cynthia both explain that they didn’t intend it to be shady but NeNe doesn’t care. She’s pissed at them for lying—basically doing the same thing she did to Eva.

Then there’s another nasty back and forth between Cynthia and NeNe with Marlo yapping in the background as well.  Finally, it’s clear that Cynthia is over it, and with NeNe and Marlo acting like Mean Girls, it’s understandable. There’s even one point where Cynthia can be heard saying, “This is not enough money.”

Andy gives Cynthia and NeNe a chance to say some closing remarks as the episode winds down. Cynthia acknowledges that she may have looked crazy at the party but that she didn’t intend to hurt NeNe, and that NeNe said some hurtful things too. But Cynthia is ready to move forward since NeNe insists on being evil and bitter. NeNe decides not to address Cynthia at all.

Porsha jumps in talking about how sad it is that Cynthia and NeNe are no longer friends, for the umpteenth time, and that she hopes they can get cool again. Whatevs. Finally, We close out the reunion with Porsha leading a prayer because all of them will need it, especially if they’re going to get back together to film season 12. But leave NeNe out of it. She needs a break from the show indefinitely…or forever. 


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