Nipsey Hussle In St Louis

CMcGraw/Radio One Saint Louis

The memorial of the late rapper #NipseyHussle is being removed from his clothing store after stragglers try to make money off of it.

As we know, #Nipsey was shot and killed outside of his Marathon store in Los Angeles. Fans and supporters left a ton of items outside of the store including flowers, cards and posters in honor of the icon. The ‘Marathon team has now decided that they are going to remove the tribute because they know the place will be exploited and they don’t want people trying to make money off of the rapper’s passing.

People have been seen selling t-shirts that have pictures of Nipsey on them and others have been asking for money from people to tour the neighborhood. They even tried charging fans and tourist to walk through the area. The memorial site started becoming so busy that even food trucks started to line up outside.

Out of respect for the passed rapper, they are removing the memorial. This is the best decision for the family and we’re sure Nipsey would have wanted the same.

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