Wendy Williams' Wendy Digital Event

It’s been a couple of weeks since #WendyWilliams has filed for divorce from her ex-husband #KevinHunter. It seems as though Hunter may be retaliating to this decision. #Hunter recently filed a counterclaim against Wendy. He has asked that the judge dissolve the marriage as well as rehabilitative and permanent alimony and equitable distribution of all personal assets legally acquired during the marriage.

Wasn’t he the one with an alleged mistress? We are all confused but he also added that #Wendy be responsible for all of his attorney fees and child support for their son #KevinHunterJr.

When #Wendy filed for divorce, she asked that the amount of child support be established and for their marital property to be equally divided. She stated on her show how she is now “single” and ready to move on. We hope the two can settle their differences and make the best for their son.

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