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R Kelly Special Appearance

Prince Williams

The Pied Piper’s court days have just begun and it looks like his ex-wife is already winning. A hearing took place for the couple’s divorce case today after being sealed back in 2013.

The judge ruled in favor of a motion by #MrsKelly and Andrea’s lawyer told reporters that they sought to make records in the case public to put pressure on #RKelly to make child support payments on time after the singer racked up more than $160,000 in unpaid support and additional $32,000 in legal fees and educational expenses.

R.Kelly paid the $160K but the $32K still remains outstanding. He began missing payments which were calculated to $20,000 a month and his wife states his failure to make payments forced their daughter to drop out of college. Where would he get the  money to pay for this after we canceled his whole career?m

We hope this situation unfolds for the best interest of the family. R.Kelly is still awaiting trial for his alleged sexual assault cases.