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#Uber is scheduled for a highly anticipated Wall Street debut and drivers are furious. So furious, that over a dozen cities decided to go on strike before hand.

Major cities in the United States, along with parts of South America and Austraila have concluded that they want to send a message to the company. They want “livable incomes”, job security and regulated fares. In major cities, they will strike an entire 24 hours. Other cities plan to strike during the peak of their busy hours, like 7am-9am or 5pm-7pm.

Drivers are also planning to hold rallies to enforce their message on big companies. They even voted to rally outside of one Uber local office. These drivers are pushing for better treatment and improved conditions. Ironically, Uber and Lyft both built their businesses off of solely the drivers. The companies define drivers as “contractors” and not workers. So being an independent contractor, you don’t necessarily get the same rights as an employee.

We hope this strike will send a decent message to these companies and workers are treated fairly.