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It’s that time of year again when we find out if our favorite shows are coming back well, several of our favorites have gotten the ax. There will be more announcements coming, but this is to start the countdown.

7) Marlon (NBC)

We kinda knew this show wasn’t coming back. The last episode aired last year.

6) Detroiters (Comedy Central)


It’s been a minute since Comedy Central aired a new episode, so this isn’t really a shock.

5) The Fix


Since this was a limited series, we weren’t sure if ABC was going to bring it back with a new storyline. We just hope ABC will air the last 2 episodes.


4) Happy Together (CBS)

The season finale, which is now the series finale aired in January so the chances of this show coming back were slim.

3) Fam (CBS)

It’s a shame this show is ending. It was a really funny show. Oh well

2) Lethal Weapon (Fox)’

Let’s be real, this show lasted longer than we expected. It had 3 seasons. WOW!

1) Star (Fox)

The way last season ended and Fox is going to cancel this show! WHAT!

Well, soon the new shows will be announced maybe we’ll get some good stuff. Maybe!