Rapper Kodak Black at sentencing

Sun Sentinel

The #KodakBlack story just keeps thickening. The ‘Tunnel Vision’ rapper #Kodak was charged with a 2-count indictment after he lied in his statement about trying to purhase firearms. He is charged with making a false statement in the acquisition and attempted acquisition of a firearm.

The #RollingLoud festival was over the weekend in Florida where artists performed and dozens gathered to celebrate. #Kodak went to purchase a gun at a local firearm store. He claimed that he wasn’t facing any gun related charges when he went to purchase the gun. The dealer had no idea of his pending charges and that #KodakBlack is a felon. Remember, the recent incident where he went missing from his show because he was caught with guns and drugs?

Felons are not allowed to purchase guns. He is now facing up to 10 years in prison. We are not sure if he will have to serve the entire 10 years, but will follow up with a story once the case is concluded.

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