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Harriet Tubman


Many were thrilled to hear about the plans to put the legendary abolitionist #HarrietTubman on the new $20.00 bills. Well, our lovely President #DonaldTrump and his administration announced yesterday that the plans were during the Obama administration and it is not going to happen under the Trump administration.

Tresury Mnuchin states that “The currency is being redesigned, but primarily for counterfeiting issues”. The plans for a new $20.00 bill will not happen until the year 2028. The $50.00 bill and the $10.00 will make changes before this one.

#Trump is known to be a fan of President Jackson who is currently on the $20 bill. In his opinion, if Harriet were to appear on the new bill, it would be against pure political correctness.

We’ll follow up to see the outcome of this administration and their plans.