Kimberly is not taking her lawyer aspirations lightly! She has been on the road to prison reform and she recently spent the day at American’s most notorious prisons, San Quentin. She was there to aid Kevin Cooper, a 61 year old inmate who was convicted of committing 4 heinous murders in California.

The judges immediately sent him to death row and he has been awaiting death since 1983. #KimK asked the Governor of California, Jerry Brown to look into Cooper’s case because he may have been framed! Imagine being in death row and you’re purely innocent! The new governor, Gavin Newsom ordered additional DNA testing for Brown back in February.

The DNA results are still pending, but Kim thought it would be a good idea to meet the man who she is trying to free. She spent two hours with him and is more convinced that he was framed. As of now, Cooper will not face execution because Governor Newsome is against the death penalty and has suspended all executions while he is in office.

Way to go Kim! She has already freed 17 inmates and we are hoping for the same outcome for Kevin Cooper.

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