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Source: En Contexto / Telemundo

The internet has been making change happen daily. A video went viral of a woman recording an #OldNavy employee accusing her of shoplifting a shirt she wore into the store. In the video, you see the two exchanging words and the employee proceeds to grab the shopper’s arm, Ms. Lisa Calderon. Mall security eventually intervened and they took a look at security cameras. The store manager apologized and #LisaCalderon posted the videos on Facebook.

After the incident went viral, Old Navy Canada took to Twitter to issue an apology to Ms. Lisa and the surrounding community. “Old Navy was founded to be a place where everyone belongs. It’s been a part of our culture and values since day one, and that makes it even more upsetting when incidents occur that don’t reflect our values”.

Stephanie, the Old Navy employee, has since been fired from the establishment. We are happy to see social media play in favor of victims.

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