Tory Lanez

The world just gets more and more mysterious by the day. The Canadian rapper #ToryLanez says that a couple of directors on his music video tried swapping out a darker-skinned woman for a light-skin woman on set. They were shooting a video for #NafeSmallz titled “Good Love” featuring Tory.

During a behind-the-scenes video, you can see a black woman dancing on Tory, then you’ll notice someone point at her, directing her to leave. Only so she can be replaced with a woman of lighter skin tone. At this point, #ToryLanez called for a “timeout” and tells the woman to come back on set. “We don’t even need that” says Tory. He tells the light skin woman that she’s beautiful, but proceeds to keep the original woman on set.

This issue is one that many deal with in the entertainment industry. Tory Lanez spoke up and explained how this needs to stop. He says he may joke around with the black community but he will not allow any of these directors to de-value our black woman. “It is our responsibility as artist to stand up and not let this happen. It’s been time to embrace our woman of color”. That’s right Tory, stand up for your sisters!

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