USA - May Day - Danny Glover at New York Rally

Ramin Talaie

Today, we celebrate Juneteenth, the day slavery officially ended. In honor of Juneteenth, it is a pleasure to report that our United States House of Representatives are taking slavery reparations seriously!

#CoryBooker, a New Jersey Democratic Senator and presidential candidate was the first witness to speak on behalf of slavery reparations. For those who may not know what this is, it is the act of compensating the people of African descendant for the many trials we experienced during the Atlantic slave trade. “It’s about time we find the common ground and take common purpose to deal with the ugly past and make sure that generations ahead do not have to continue to mark disparities” said Booker.

Along with Senator Booker, actor Danny Glover and author Ta’Nehisi Coates also testified on behalf of bringing this political issue to the forefront. “For a century after the Civil War, black people were subjected to a relentless campaign of terror, a campaign that extended well into the lifetime of Majority Leader McConnell” Coates says during his statement.

We are happy to hear that reparations may be well on their way. We are looking forward to the results of this hearing.

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