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We are all still mourning the loss of a young rapper turned mogul after he was killed in Los Angeles. #NipseyHussle ‘s murder was sudden but authorities caught the alleged murderer #EricHolder. Now, the getaway driver responsible for driving Holder is terrified that she’ll be the victim of a retaliation hit.

Authorities investigated her claims and discovered that she has been receiving threats against her on several occasions. The incident was caught on video and social media detectives have figured out the license plate number on the car that shot at #Nipsey. The internet surfaced photos of the woman which made her an easy target for those who were triggered by the murder.

The woman has made claims that she was just hanging out with Eric when he told her to pull over and park in front of the Marathon Clothing Store. She saw him pull the semi-automatic hand gun from his pocket before he got out of the car. He fired several shots and fled back to the car that the woman was driving. During her statement, she mentioned that she was in a romantic relationship with Eric Holder.

She has not been charged with any connection to the murder of #NipseyHussle. The courts said that anything she testified will not be used against her in any future prosecution.

We are still keeping the Hussle family lifted during this time and we hope they get justice.