Movie theater hot dog with popcorn and soda

Burke/Triolo Productions

OK, scary movies are supposed to scare us, right? The afraid to go home, pulling back the shower curtain, type of scared. Well, the latest movie of the ‘Annabelle’ series led to the death of a 77-year old man while he attended the screening in Thailand.

Reports state that he was sitting next to a woman, when the lights came on she noticed he passed away. Once she discovered this, she shouted and called the emergency services for help. He was then announced dead on the scene once the emergency services confirmed. His body was covered up and carried out to the ambulance. They do not know the reason behind his death thus far.

#Annabelle is the sixth film to come from the Conjuring universe of films. The story of a possessed doll and her housemates turned into a real-life nightmare when the audience realized someone really passed away. “There were some people at the entrances. They were very up and shocked by what happened. Some people had been sitting near the dead man. The cinema staff were very concerned, and they tried to prevent anybody from seeing what was happening. We were prohibited from taking pictures”. Well, looks like we won’t be going to enjoy that movie anytime soon!

We do want to send our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased man.

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