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R. Kelly Appears in Court

George McGinn

The #RKelly saga continues as we all get to witness a R&B legend fight for his freedom. Robert Kelly, known as #RKelly has been charged with numerous sex crimes and sources say his alleged sex slaves will be right behind him in federal court when he goes before the judge. They even plan to address the media as well.

Federal prosecutors have already made it clear that they want to put R.Kelly behind bars until he goes to trial. Last week, the singer was arrested on a new round of federal charges including sex trafficking, obstruction of justice and racketeering. The two sex slaves that appear to be ‘brainwashed’ continue to publicly support the singer as they took to social media to post a video.

During the video, the two explain that they are still living in R.Kelly’s condo and shot down reports that they were evicted as his arrest last week. Back in February, the two #Joycelyn and #Azriel were spotted walking hand in hand to Kelly’s court case. They sat in the front row with friends and family during the hearing for his sexual abuse charges.

Whew, chile! This case is a sensitive one but we hope the victims receive justice.