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The First Lady of #Dreamville, #AriLennox has been on tour and her tickets have been selling fast. She recently visited London where she took herself shopping and was accused of stealing. Ari? Stealing? Wow.

She took to #Twitter to write about how much she loves London, but she has a terrible experience in the #Zara clothing store. “Zara in London on Oxford Street has the most racist and disrespectful customer service I’ve ever experienced. And the manager’s excuse for their evil attitudes was sorry our workers are tired. tf?” says Ari in a tweet.

Following the initial tweet, things took a drastic turn when she started telling a detailed story about how she was just accused of stealing. “Yo now @Zara is accusing me of stealing!!!! Man I wish after spending $400.00 at Zara that I would steal a bralette that I’ve never seen in my life” she continued. “The triff lady ringing me up either accidentally placed the item in my bag or it was intentional. The security guard demanded I pay for the item or they’d call the police”.

It looks like in the end, she decided that she’s “definitely returning all of this sh** tomorrow” to the Zara store. “I told them mfrs to call the police! I didn’t steal anything The worst part was all the white people looking at me as if I did do it. The worst feeling in the world. The most embarrassing feeling”. Ari, we salute you for keeping your head up! We hope Zara takes accountability for their actions and the racial profiling stops!

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