Khalid Sydney Portrait Shoot


One man’s tragedy is another man’s opportunity to turn it into success. #Khalid is turning tragedy into triumph with the success of his #ElPaso benefit concert, help in support of the 22 victims who lost their lives during the August mass shooting.

Khalid announced that he’d be holding this community-driven event at the University of Texas in wake of what the terrible shooting. Monday, fans viewed a post from Khalid on #Instagram that the concert raised $500,000.00 for the El Paso Community Foundation, which will directly benefit the shooting victims and their families.

#Sza , #RaeSremmurd , #LilYachty and more joined Khalid during the benefit concert with a few performances. “I want to give back to my community of El Paso, the city of the 915, who has given so much to me. Please come out and let’s heal together through music while raising money to help those who need it” said in a previous post from the singer. Donations are still being accepted through The Great Khalid Foundation.

We are so happy to hear this news and prayers are still with the families of those affected by this tragic incident.

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