Leah’s Lemonade: Cardi B’s a Blood? WHO SAID THAT?!

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On this Tekashi Snitch 9 Thursday, oops! I meant to say Terrific Thursday, the lemonade stand is giving y’all a mixture of some sweet and sour drinks again. Let start with some good news first. Forbes just put out for the highest paid in hip hop acts list. Who did y’all think number one would be? Well honey this year it was not Jay-Z. Kanye West must have really been getting right with The Lord because for the first time in his career he came in as #1 with  a whooping $150 million which was significantly higher than his former homeboy Jay-Z who came in at $81 million. Whew! Still a tax bracket we can’t see yet, but in due time God will provide chile!

Speaking of money Antonio Brown thought his antics with the Raiders that got him to the Patriots was a guaranteed source to money. But after these alleged sexual assault allegations things have not been too hot for the NFL player. A former trainer claims him of rape and is working with the NFL for an investigation. While Antonio denies these allegations…and despite the NFL taking any action, Nike wants no parts today! He was officially dropped by Nike. This is not the first, Xenith, a helmet manufacturer cut ties with him.

Chile, Tekashi 69 is in federal court singing like a Canary. Well third day of his trial of testifying for the Feds and he has not disappointed. He’s named Trippie Red, earlier Jim Jones, who according to him is a retired rapper apart of The Nine Trey and now his latest victim…Cardi B. If we all know Cardi, she’ll be on Instagram live any minute.  But in court an interesting piece of evidence came out. There was an audio from his alleged or staged kidnapping. In which he admitted to putting a hit on Chief Keef. Minimum of 47 to life but could face no time for working with Feds. Jim Jones phone call played in court threatening to violate 69 for snitching.



To the saddest news and whew chile the ghetto. Real Housewives of Atlanta fans will be crushed, Kenya Moore is divorcing Marc Daly after two years of marriage.  She asked for privacy and they will continue co-parenting for Baby Daly.

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