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If it’s not one thing, it’s another. The company behind a controversial police interrogation technique filed a federal lawsuit yesterday on #Netflix and the director #AvaDuvernay , claiming that it was defamed in DuVernay’s ministries on the Central Park 5 jogger rape case.

The company, John E. Reid and Associates developed the Reid Technique in the late 1940s and offers training materials and courses to law enforcement since then. The company explains that this is a widely used interrogation method by police agencies but critics have alleged that this approach can result in false accusation.

#WhenTheySeeUs shows the technique during the fourth episode where the detective Michael Sheehan coerced a confession out of the five original defendants. During the scene, the actor states “You squeezed statements out of them after 42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks and withholding parental supervision. The Reid Technique has been universally rejected”. The detective in that scene then states “I don’t even know what the fu***** Reid technique is, OK? I know what I was taught, and I know what I was asked to do and I did it”.

The lawsuit states that this dialogue does not reflect the Reid Technique, which it says does not involve coercion. The suit also alleges that the series has damaged the company’s reputation, and seeks actual and punitive damages. Good luck with that.

Let’s call it how we see it. Regardless of the technique, those five men were later exonerated and spent their youth behind bars but were truly innocent. For the sake of our country, we should focus on the bigger picture and now how the police were portrayed, but the result from their actions. I hope this lawsuit unfolds in favor of the right party.