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Anadolu Agency

Whew, a real bold move went completely left after authorities charge a Florida teen with a misdemeanor for battery. A 14-year old girl walked up to a man dressed as President #DonaldTrump as he stood in line at the country fairgrounds, and allegedly punched him while her friends recorded it.

The report states that the man and his family were in line to go into a haunted house exhibit when the girl walked over to him and punched him in the jaw. The man said that the girl just laughed and ran back to her place in line with her four friends. He eventually approached the girl and asked why she punched him before asking for the sheriff’s deputies to report the incident.

The deputy told family that due to the nature of the crime and “that the sole motivation was to strike ‘Trump’, investigators may follow up with them. I say leave the child alone. Press the charges and keep it pushing. We have WAY BIGGER ISSUES and I’m sure she’ll learn her lesson from this one.

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