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Wendy Williams

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Wendy Williams and Nicki Minaj are in the middle of a little beef right now and neither of them is showing any signs of letting up. Wendy took a shot at Nicki on her show earlier today, and The Barbz are not pleased.

During Monday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show”, Wendy said “there’s this soon-to-be washed-up rapper who can’t keep my name out of its mouth,” said Williams. “I love it. I sit here like, ‘OK, keep talking. Say some more.’”

This comes on the heels of Nicki dissing Wendy on her Queen Radio show recently. She said “It’s not about doing your job. There are people who report the news and there are people who do it with an evil intent in their heart, viciousness. And I pray for you because I know you’re hurting and I know you must be sick and humiliated.”

Nicki also came for Wendy’s recent split from her Kevin Hunter:

“When a woman isn’t really being loved at home, the viciousness is a different type. So I really wanted to pray for you today, because look at where you are now in your life,” added Nicki. “You’re sat up there being vicious all this time, and paid for that man’s mistress all these years. You paid for her shopping sprees, you paid for her hotels—bitch, you probably even paid for her GYN bills, you paid to have that baby delivered, ho. How you doin’, stupid. Wake up, hos.”

After Wendy’s comments earlier today, The Barbz came out to protect their queen

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