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Michael Rowley

Hot girl summer will soon be hot girl winter after hearing this story. Ms. Veronica Theriault was convicted yesterday of deception, dishonesty and abuse of public office after her job application lied about her experience  being a chief information officer.

Veronica worked with Australia’s Department of Premier and Cabinet for one month and earned about $22,500 before being fired after the allegations. The courts heard she submitted a fraudulent resume to the department with false information regarding her education and prior employment. After getting an interview, she also posed as a previous employer during a reference check in which she “gave glowing feedback” about her own performance.

Sis, we all know not to be our own reference! But wait, there’s more. Ms. Theriault used a photo of supermodel #KateUpton as her #LinkedIn profile photo. After starting the position, she hired her brother who also lacked experience to perform his role. The company began to be suspicious after her mental health started declining being in the position.

Veronica told the court that she “is deeply ashamed and embarrassed” and her crimes involved a “unique set of circumstances that were unlikely to be repeated”. Well, the court had receipts and she lied on a few other resumes in the past with two companies in 2012 and 2014. We are hoping this lady can turn it around and find a job within her skills and qualifications. People work hard to work in these positions so we can only imagine why this was taken seriously.

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