If one thing’s for certain, this quarantine has been showing the true colors of many. The Atlanta rapper #OTGenesis said some really distasteful comments on his Instagram live regarding singer #KeyshiaCole and received major backlash for it. The beef between the two may seem random, but it stemmed from O.T remaking Keyshia’s hit song “Love” which included a YouTube video that she felt he could monetize from. She made a remark on social media and the two secretly took shots at each other until things cooled down.

Now, the Instagram live culture has sparked since the quarantine and viewers had a chance to catch O.T Genesis throw shade at Keyshia for an unknown reason. He made comments about her hygiene and other disturbing remarks that fans did not approve of. Later, Keyshia retweeted a fan tweet stating “I’m not even sure what beef in real life accomplishes. Who’s more macho? Doesn’t get you more money, more jobs, more girls, just death and jail or scuff your Js”. Keyshia responded stating “Hope this don’t go over some of u lame a** turtle head looking a** n***** heads! And h** a** b**** n***** ain’t exempt”.

Last night, Keyshia’s two sisters had a lot to say regarding O.T’s comments towards their sister and mother who is a recovering drug addict. They also took shots at Malika Haqq, who is the mother of O.T’s newborn baby. Now, sources are saying O.T has issued an apology but deleted the post. “Look, I was really just jokin on that IG Live sh**. People screen record and blow it out of proportion and make a n**** really look thirsty. I ain’t tripping”. How mature! We would hate to see this spew out of proportion especially during a time like this. The comment is now deleted but we hope it got into the hands of someone that can share it with  Keyshia and her family.

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